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Please buy a digital, and/or hard-copy of "The Declaration of Peace Millennium." Please join me and many other peace-builders worldwide to propel the ideals of 'Peace On Earth' for generations to come. Simple Directions:
       A. Go to the PayPal link: www.PayPal.com 
       B. Click the ‘Send’ option
       C. Enter this email:
ATLpeace {at} gmail {dot} com

       D. The ‘Amount’ you send depends on what item you want:
           - Enter $1 if you only want a digital copy emailed to you
           - Enter $10 if you want an archival autographed, numbered color hard-copy (8” X 11.5”)
           - Enter $20 if you want an archival autographed, numbered color hard-copy (11” X 17”)
NOTE: Each archival autographed & numbered color hard-copy of the Declaration comes with a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) so the value of your archival original will appreciate over time and can be passed down through the generations ahead. ALSO: Each order, whether digital or hard-copy, comes with a copy of an inspiring 2,500 year-old peace poem with a great plan and "Way" to propel Peace on Earth!